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If you are here, you should know that you’ve chosen the best place for acquaintances with beautiful Russian women looking for a husband abroad. We have thousands of real Russian women with serious intentions, so you will have a wide choice. Register on our site, download your photos and get started with your search! Use our various mean to meet and get acquainted with Russian women. Be active and believe in what you are doing and that this all will be rewarded by a nice and loving smile of your wife one day.

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    Kseniya, 31 y.o. from Russia wants to find a man from Western Europe, Australia

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    Julia, 38 y.o. from Russia wants to find a man from Western Europe, Australia

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    Nadezhda, 30 y.o. from Ukraine wants to find a man from Western Europe, Australia

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    Katy, 34 y.o. from Ukraine wants to find a man from Western Europe, Australia

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  • I found someone. If it doesn’t work then I will sign up again. Thank you.

    G.O.,British Virgin Islands

  • Excellent site, exactly what I had hoped.

    David, United Kingdom

  • Thank you so much to Irina and her staff for a wonderful site. I have met the most amazing lass, i don’t know what the future holds but we shall see. Cheers , Styart

    Stuart, Australia

  • I found someone on this site!!!!

    Grant, Canada

  • I found a aazing girl here, and at Crhisthmas holidays we’ll be seen. I’m sute that girl will be my wife. I love thta girl.

    Edson Adriano, Brazil

  • I have found a wonderful and beautiful lady and therefore wish to delete my profile please.

    Philip Paul, Spain

How we work

You come to the site, register and add photos to your profile. Make sure you do it, as photos mean half of your success. First because they are the first thing women look at when they browse profiles, and second, they can be used to meet Russian woman in photo contests. So you enter the list of girls’ profiles and see most active girls on the first pages, because the site is organized in such a way that Russian women coming online most often are placed in the beginning of the search, and those who come rarer are placed closer to the end. Contact most active girl and you will receive their reply very soon. You should be ready to the fact that no all women can be willing to answer you, and they may have different reason for this (having a serious correspondence, having no interest in you, or looking for another type of a man). Do not be angry with them, just turn your attention to other girls, and sooner or later you will find the one who was waiting for you.

We want to emphasize once more the importance of good pictures on the site. Good pictures create good impression about you, they give Russian women general idea about you, so do everything to make it very nice. You should be smiling there, with an open and friendly look in your eyes. It’s nice to take photos at work, near your house or in the nature. Such photos will be pleasant to look at. Do not take pictures in the bathroom, showing your torso or muscles. Russian women have another type of sexuality and they won’t take seriously such pictures, and moreover, they won’t fall in love with you just because your body looks good. Take this all into consideration and to not make them think that you are a pervert interested in fun only. Make an impression of a serious man with serious intentions, and you are sure to attract attention of many Russian women, and you’ll be able to choose your only one to live a happy life together.

Planning a personal meeting with your woman

There are many scammers in the Internet, especially in the field of the Internet dating, as they find it very easy to profit on feelings of other people. They create profiles of beautiful girls, write you sweet letters, and ask you for a personal meeting. But they always want this meeting to take place in your country, so that you could be asked to help your woman with her trip to you by means of sending her money for the trip and hotel. And as soon as you do it, you never here from this woman again (actually this can be not even woman but man). To avoid risk of meeting such, we advise you going to meet your Russian lady in her homeland. It also gives you a chance to see your woman in her natural conditions, to meet her family and friends, thus to get to know her better.

Sex apps come in all variations: Dating apps for sex contacts, erotic apps, affair apps, apps for sex dates … Unfortunately, the proportion of women in many supposedly free sex apps often tends towards zero, while the proportion of fakes is instead against a hundred seniorpeoplemeet login mobile. The apps of the established sex date portals such as C-Date or JOYclub are significantly better than these fuck apps of the fake portals and actually completely free for premium members!

The C-Date app is a sex contact app from the clear global market leader in casual dating with over 36 million registrations. C-Date is by far the number 1 in Germany: 450,000 members log in here every day.

We recommend that those who want to organize affairs via C-Date NOT to install the C-Date app, but to use the very good mobile website – because what happens if the partner discovers the affair app ???

For those who are not bound and want to be on the prowl with the sex dating app on the go, we recommend first registering online on the C-Date website, mobile it takes significantly longer and is annoying. Then you can install the sex date app and search for sex contacts on the go.

JOYCE from JOYclub is more than “just” an app for sex dates. The JOYclub has meanwhile grown into a “Facebook for erotic friends”. The platform now has over 2.5 million members, of which around 620,000 users log in daily via the JOYclub website and the new JOYCE app.

Do not choose the option of staying in your woman’s place if this is only the first meeting. Stay in a hotel or rent a nice apartment not far from her house. Thus you will be able to meet any time you want, and beside to rest from each other and analyze your impressions in a quiet place. One more reason to do it is that you may dislike each other in real, and you’ll have to spend the remaining days together under one roof which will cause a kind of pressure and won’t let you even remain friends. You see, saving money on a hotel is not worth it at all. Also remember to make some copies of your passport and other important documents. Keep originals in a safe place, and carry originals with you. One more important moment in your trip to your Russian bride – a nice surprise in a form of a souvenir or present for her. She will take it as a sign of attention from you, and she will be very pleased, especially if you choose this present considering her interests and likes. Bring something for her kids either. Russian women want to be treated as real women with proper attention and attitude. Sure they will appreciate much your coming to them, and they understand very well that you spend a lot of money for it, but you shouldn’t keep repeating it every time and counting every dollar you’ve spent here. You should try to make your time here romantic and interesting, a really quality time which is able to bring you much closer to each other. Do not think that making her some compliments are enough for this. Give her flowers, just because you decided so when you woke up today and thought about her. Plan something romantic, like going to a quiet café or restaurant with soft music to dance to. In the day time take a walk in the forest, or make a boat tip along the river, anything which could relax you both and make you communicate freely about everything. Make her feel a real woman with you, and she will reward it later.

It would be wise of you to know how to avoid jealousy in correspondence

Both men and women know that they communicate with several people, and this is quite normal, but there are men and women who do not understand it and think their correspondent should devote his/her attention only to one person. Here jealousy appears when they learn about others. To avoid such jealousy from women’s side, you should be very honest with them. Tell them that you have friendly correspondence with several ladies and you try to learn much about them, but do not speak about any definite feelings you have to any of them. Also do not speak about love with all Russian women you are writing to, because these are empty promises and you will hurt these women if you choose one and leave the others (which you’ll have to do anyway one day), so do not promise heaven to all of them. Just try to learn as much as you can about them, make good friends and speak about love only with one woman you really feel attracted to. If you have made your choice, but still want to continue friendly communication with others, explain to your Russian lady that others are just friends, and devote most of your attention to her, give her presents, visit her often, this will make her sure of your feelings and she won’t feel jealous at all. Also do not disappear all of the sudden for indefinite time. If you have some business trip or simply have not time to answer her, drop just a note informing her about it, so that she didn’t worry that you have lost your interest.

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